Traveling Writer Loving God, Loving the World, and Loving People

megan gieske


I am a traveling writer & poet living in Cape Town, South Africa. Originally from Fredon, New Jersey, I have received recognition for my poetry, writing, and work as a Nonprofit Storyteller in eight countries, while traveling to twenty-seven. I specialize in nonprofit storytelling, responsible travel and culture. I've showered with an elephant in the Western Ghats, cage dived with great white sharks, and kissed a cobra.


Driven by a gaze of love and grief, my poems humanize world issues and are based on my own experiences. My poetry is not beautiful because it is easy; it is beautiful because it is hard. I am an award-winning poet for my work to promote advocacy. The animation of my poem, "The Lotus Sisters," premiered in Tel Aviv, Paris, New York City, and New Jersey Fall 2019.

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