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Where to Find the Best Desserts in Cape Town

Updated: May 4

Photo by Irene Kredenets

Many of the dessert shops on this list and in Cape Town are homages to Europe, love letters to Parisian macarons and Portuguese pasteis de nata, but those aren't the ones that thrill me. The ones that thrill me are the ones that are true to where they are from, who aren't ashamed of their food culture, and who want to share their love of home with the rest of the world. You'll find some of those here, as well as the Francophiles because they make damn good macarons, and where else can you try one of the world's best croissants?

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Read on for the best desserts in the Mother City.

Table of Contents

Tapi Tapi, Observatory

Coco Safar, Sea Point

La Belle, Constantia

Grumpy and Runt, Gardens

Honest Chocolate, Wale Street CBD

Charly's Bakery, District Six

Jason Bakery, Green Point

Lexi's Healthy Eatery, (Chain)


tapi tapi, observatory

Tapi Tapi tops this list for a reason. Their African-inspired flavors are ever-changing and ever-yummy. Tapi Tapi, created by Dr. Tapiwa Guzha from Zimbabwe, is true to and proud of where they come from. You’ll love their small batch ice cream thoughtfully created to celebrate the traditions and ingredients homegrown on the African continent. Pictured is a pilau masala-spiced puffed rice ice cream with burnt caramel celebrating East Africa.

COCO safar,

sea point

A visit to Coco Safar is a visit to Paris with a sea breeze. Their croissants have been recognized as some of the best in the world by Food & Wine. Their "Black Croissant" is filled with maple cheesecake, dipped in caramel chocolate, and sprinkled with roasted pecan nuts. Get a luxury taste of the "Hermes of coffee, patisserie and café culture," before they expand to style capitals around the world, including New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo.

La belle, Constantia

La Belle would be top of the list of Francophiles. Visiting La Belle's sunny patio seating and lush Alpen Boutique Hotel lawns in the heart of Constantia, will make you feel like you didn't just take a flight to the bottom of Africa. Their dessert range includes lemon merengue, milktart, carrot drizzle cake, chocolate brownie square, scones, berry frangipane, salted caramel tart, and "la belle chocolate," chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache.

grumpy and runt,


Not only are Grumpy and Runt's donuts hand-rolled, hand-cut, and fried fresh each morning, but the flavors of their small batch donuts change every week. Each week, their "Flavor Drop" will keep you coming back to their sunny little courtyard in Gardens to try the latest from this female-run donut shop. Pictured is a lemon curd donut topped with a lemon biscuit.

honest chocolate, WALE STREET CBD

Between the bustling streets of Loop and Bree, sip your Coconut Dream dairy-free milkshake in a sunny courtyard (a standout from the original building), and think you’ve stumbled into summer in the Mediterranean. Don’t forget to pick up your Honest Chocolate truffles or “bunny chow,” banana bread with ice cream and chocolate ganache. All their cacao beans are sustainably sourced, and their chocolate is made by hand.


Charly’s Bakery is one of the last colorfully painted buildings of District Six. Their playfully decorated cupcakes, sometimes with a unicorn horn, a whale tail, or a mermaid on top, will make you feel like a kid again.

Jason bakery, green point

You won't be ordering just once from Jason Bakery, not with their menu of fresh house-baked breads made with stone ground flour, pastries, and all-day breakfast. The sentiment "I love" is often overused, but there's no other way to describe how I feel for their croissants made with 100% pure butter over a three-day-long process. Try them almond, bacon (trust me!), or pain au chocolat. I once ordered every last pain au chocolat on a train from Fes to Casablanca, Morocco, in my best, laughably horrible French. For a sweet and savory breakfast at Jason's, think Spanish benedicts, bagels, brioche doughnuts, pasteis de nata, and blueberry cinnabun danish.

lexi's healthy eatery, (chain)

Sometimes you want something sweet but you want it to be sweet to you too. That's why I love Lexi's. The mostly-vegan, wholefood restaurant is my go-to stop to cure sugar cravings. Pictured is their flapjacks with coconut cream and vegan Notella (yum!). You can't go wrong ordering here, but my absolute fav is their salted-caramel smoothie made with bananas, dates, vanilla, and pink Himalayan salt.

did I miss your favorite dessert shop? hit me up and let me know in the comments.
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